Thin Blue Line Flag Meaning

Posted by Patriot Home & Yard on Dec 7th 2019

Thin Blue Line Flag Meaning

Thin Blue Line Flag Meaning

Posted by Patriot Home & Yard on Dec 7th 2019

Thin blue line flag meaning

The  Thin Blue Line Flag is more prevalent today than ever before--but so is opposition to all that it signifies.

To combat misinformation and honor the men and women in blue, it's imperative that everyone takes the time to understand and appreciate the meaning of the Thin Blue Line--the significance, history, and contemporary context of a symbol that's proudly featured on flags, bumper stickers, apparel, and social media, to name just some.

Because displaying and understanding the Thin Blue Line is the purest form of supporting the brave police officers who put their lives on the line daily--the police officers who go above and beyond to arrest the guilty and protect the innocent.

The Thin Blue Line's origin can be traced back to the mid-19th century. During the Crimean War, at the Battle of Balaclava, Britain's 93rd Regiment was severely outnumbered by enemies--so much so that their Turkish allies fled the scene. But the 93rd Regiment dug in, formed a "thin red line," and eventually drove the Russians back. Subsequently, the  Thin Red Line emerged as a representation of calmness and composure in the face of highly dangerous situations.

At the beginning of the 20th century, American police supporters sought a simple, definitive way to convey the value of officers' societal contributions and willingness to defend citizens. It wasn't long before the red of British soldiers' coats were replaced by the blue of police uniforms. The symbol caught on in police circles and steadily increased in popularity.

Today, America is home to about 700,000 full-time police officers--700,000 individuals whose days consist exclusively of helping others, often by overcoming violent criminals. In 2018, 150 law enforcement officers died on the job; 150 people who were stolen away from their loved ones--their friends, parents, brothers, sisters, spouses, and children.

Despite having an inherently demanding and dangerous career, police officers continue to assist. They continue to think not of the trouble that they may encounter, but of the good that they will do. Regardless of the date, the time, or the weather, they're in the field, working tirelessly against challenges that remain unnamed and unknown until the moment they appear.

In its most basic form, the Thin Blue Line is a police officer flag. It's a reminder of the many police officers who are currently serving the public, as well as the thousands of police officers who've made the ultimate sacrifice while creating safer and more comfortable communities.

It's a means of recognizing that every joy and achievement rests upon the foundation of law and order, which is made possible by the selflessness and ceaseless dedication of law enforcement.

Twenty-four hours per day, 365 days per year, police officers stand strong, ready to spring into action no matter the situation or the risk. Few can match their efforts, but all can rally behind the Thin Blue Line.

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