Five Largest American Flags in the World

Posted by Patriot Home & Yard on Mar 1st 2020

Five Largest American Flags in the World

Five Largest American Flags in the World

Posted by Patriot Home & Yard on Mar 1st 2020

What are the largest American flags in the world?

Since 1777, the contemporary American flag has been prominently displayed not solely as a representation of the United States, but as a representation of the ideas and themes that the United States encompasses. In this way, the flag's stripes signify much more than the 13 original colonies, and its stars signify much more than the 50 states. Together, these stripes and stars signify freedom, honor, and fairness--the opportunity for anyone, of any background, to reach the pinnacle of life's achievements.

The following five flags showcase the hard work of Americans who understand and love Old Glory, and who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to create and display some of the physically largest American flags in the country and the world.

5. Gastonia, North Carolina's 114-Foot-Long Mega Flag

Gastonia, North Carolina, a vibrant, thriving city that's about 20 miles west of Charlotte, is home to one of the world's biggest American flags.

The remarkable feat of craftsmanship measures 114 feet wide by 64 feet tall, for a grand total of 7,410 square feet, and can be seen from over 30 miles away. Its 225-foot-tall pole weighs approximately 80,000 pounds!

Both the flag and the pole were built by the Gaston County Chapter VA, and the flag's desirable placement--a short way from Crowder's Mountain State Park, which is breathtaking in its own right--makes for easy and stress-free access.

4. Hanover, Pennsylvania's Colossal Chalk Flag

In 1998, 200 artistically gifted volunteers used chalk to create a detailed, gorgeous-looking American flag on the pavement of a Walmart store in Hanover, Pennsylvania. Overcoming the ever-present threat of inclement weather, the artists completed the project on June 28th. With an area of 17,700 square feet, the flag was (promptly) awarded the title of "Largest Chalk Pavement Art" by Guinness World Records.

Obviously, the chalk flag has disappeared at the hands of the elements, but the overhead image captured on the day of its completion--along with the spirit of those who contributed--lives on.

3. Acuity Insurance's 340-Pound Flag--The Biggest Free-Flying American Flag in the World

Acuity Insurance's Sheboygan, Wisconsin, headquarters boasts a talented team of insurance professionals and the largest free-flying American flag in the world. Additionally, the public is welcome to visit the flag as they wish, at any time of the day or evening, for the ultra-affordable cost of free.

Measuring 70 feet tall and 140 feet long, with a weight of 340 pounds and an area of 9,800 square feet, Acuity's huge American flag is supported by a pole that weighs approximately 420,000 pounds! The pole and the flag were built to withstand Wisconsin's notorious winters, and save for especially devastating winds, the flag remains at full mast, swaying honorably over Wisconsin.

2. The 1929 Flag Day Variation

In 1929, during President Herbert Hoover's administration, what was then the largest American flag--measuring 90 feet tall by 165 feet wide--was delivered to the Capitol.

Having been loaned to the government by a Detroit department store, the flag was part of a Flag Day parade and subsequent ceremony, which was attended by the vice president. Children dressed in red, white, and blue and were organized to replicate the flag's image, and remaining Civil War veterans--from both sides of the conflict--were welcomed. Lastly, 13-year-old Betsy Ross--a direct descendant of the Betsy Ross--attended the event.

This flag is no longer the largest (or even the second largest) in the world. But its significance cannot be understated, and it's easy to imagine the one-of-a-kind scene it accompanied nearly a century ago, when all manner of Americans united in Washington, D.C.

1. Ski Dempski's Superflag--The World's Largest American Flag

The Superflag is far too large to fly for any sizable period, but its ability to dazzle onlookers is without question.

Measuring 505 feet wide and 225 feet tall, the Superflag was originally crafted in 1992, by Ski Dempski, an ambitious, flag-loving California native. The flag rose to fame after being unfurled at the Hoover Dam (coinciding with the 1996 Summer Olympics and the running of the torch), during which time it was awarded the title of "Largest Flag" by Guinness World Records. At 1.36 tons, the Superflag required both machinery and hundreds of human volunteers to unfurl.

Nearly 25 years later, the Superflag is still the largest American flag in existence, and it continues to inspire.

And, what's Patriot Home & Yard's largest wooden American Flag? Well, we can't say it's as big as the top five, but my husband is working on an 6-footer right now!